Nightime = Sleep time?

Well, it’s time for bed. We got what I still think will be a great thing, a "co-sleeper" that attaches to our bed so that Samuel is right there by us through the night, which is great for nursing, etc. However, the first few nights this arrangement mostly kept both of us up all night, primarily because of Samuel’s oxygen saturation and heart rate monitor, which we like to leave on all night still. Last night we tried something new- taking shifts sleeping alone in our room, with the other one taking the baby and sleeping in the living room with the monitor. This worked fairly well, and it helped that the equipment supply company also sent a different, less sensitive monitor. I get to sleep tonight from 12-3, and then am on Samuel detail from 3 am on. Wish me luck…

One thought on “Nightime = Sleep time?

  1. Robert – I love the site (and the pictures). He – and you – have come such a long way, and you both have so far to go. Enjoy the journey!!~Jaymie


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