Back to Work

I start a new job today. I’ve been hired by United Communities of Southeast Philadelphia to provide case management for a mentoring program for kids whose parents are incarcerated. I haven’t worked in almost exactly six months; so it’s about time. I’m excited to be taking on this new role and eager to get acclimated to it. It pays a little bit better than my last job as a social worker in the foster care system, and that will definitely be helpful, given that we’ve been without my income for six months. This will enable us to comfortably attend to our own needs, provide for Samuel, help Kirsten’s mom a bit (she now lives with us and has applied for disability; she’s unable to work and has no income at the moment), tithe, save for a house, etc., all of which is good. Also, Kirsten will cut back her hours and be home with Samuel more, though on some days, like today, we’ll leave him with her mom while we’re both at work. This is a wonderful gift Kirsten’s mom is giving us, but I also feel a little bit sad and nervous about it. I’ve had uninterrupted time with Samuel since he was born; I’ve been able to be there with him as much as possible when he was in the hospital, and since he’s been home, pretty much all the time. I love the little guy very much. Prior to Samuel being born, I had been in school again, working on my second master’s degree- an MSW. I had to quit the program, however, and I’ve consolidated that loan with all my other ones, and have no expectation as to when or if I’ll ever be able to go back. So somehow starting this job seems to have a bit more finality than any previous one. I know I need to "make it work-" I need to be committed to it for a good long while, Lord willing. I guess I’m at that place where I’m realizing that "this" (job) is what I’m going to "be" (at least vocationally), and somehow I didn’t expect to be there just quite yet.

Still, I’m 30 years old; so it may be that I need "suck it up" and "grow up." I may never get a PhD or complete my magnum opus, though I will yet try. Well, I gotta get ready to go (to work!). Wish me luck….

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