He’s a smart little boy

I’ve been back to work for about a month now, and it’s going pretty well (thanks for commenting about it, Jaymie). I work for a social service organization that recently received funding to start a mentoring program for children of incarcerated parents. I am a Case Manager, but as the program is basically new and recently staffed,  I don’t really have any cases to manage just yet. So most of my time is spent trying to build the program- getting the word out to potential mentors and mentees, etc. If the program is to be viable over the long term (and if I am to be employed in this capacity), then obviously we need to be building a solid foundation so as to secure long-term funding, etc. It’s been fairly interesting so far, and the pace is about right….
My son is amazing. He’s doing some really great stuff now- like he recently figured out how to get, and mostly keep, his fingers in his mouth in the absence of his binky, and this brings hours of pleasure to him (and a bit of binky-duty relief to Kirsten and I). He knows my voice, and if he’s crying, will generally calm when I put my lips to his hear and begin talking to him. He loves to have me read to him at night, and he is increasingly mobile- we’ll leave him in his crib or on a blanket on the floor in one position- and find him in a completely new position, sometimes more than a foot or two away. He’s very even-tempered (which I’ll take credit for), and smiles and "talks alot." We have this picture (see below) on Samuel’s wall by his changing table, and invariably whenever Samuel is on the table he looks up at it and smiles- regardless of what he’s doing, even if crying. Grandpa should be proud.