I’m home alone, which is nice for a change. Kirsten, her mom, and Samuel are out running errands. Samuel has been off of his oxygen for almost 24 hours, and is doing great, which we are really glad to see. He may be close to not needing it anymore. It’s amazing, and God is good.
Speaking of God, we’ve gotten connected to a new faith community which we’re pretty interested in. It’s a new congregation not far from us that was planted by a mostly Asian congregation in West Philly. We’ll see what happens as we keep working at developing relationships with these folks (even as we work to stay connected to some of the folks who so wonderfully loved us in the Circle of Hope community). Meanwhile, we continue to process what should happen "next" for our family, especially as we think about buying a house- and in what city. It’s hard for me to not always be jumping ahead to the next thing, whatever that might be. I really struggle to rest and be content in the moment, and that’s probably why my moments are so often marked by chaos and uncertainty- they provide ample opportunity to work on being peaceful and remembering that such peace-such contentment- is largely internal. Peace is a state of mind- a mind that is hopefully renewed by Jesus and so is able to be a part of transforming my whole person, though I know that such transformation perhaps begins as I work at not being conformed to that "worldly" power system that is set up in opposition to the rule of Christ. We’ll see about all that.

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