On Office Drones and Street Ministers…

I wanted to post a quick update, and I’ll try to write more later today perhaps. I’m still looking for work here in OH- that is, "meaningful" work in my purported "field." In the meantime I’ve been working as an office drone for the "man" through a temp agency to supplement Kirsten’s income. This has been a bit humbling for me, and therefore no doubt good. I’ve had a number of interviews by now, including three in the past week or so. On Wednesday I have a second interview for a ministry position at a Methodist congregation. I am excited and hopeful, and of course anxious about this. Despite whatever struggles or conflicts I may have had in congregational leadership roles in the past, I remain convinced that I am called- not to mention educated and gifted!- to serve the church in some way. So, we shall see what God is "up to" with this. Speaking of what God is up to, I spent a number of hours with Duane Crabbs (the pastor referenced in the articles I posted on this site) yesterday, including meeting his wife and one of his kids. I worshipped with him, saw his home and neighborhood, met several of the folks he ministers to, etc. It was a surprising, challenging, and good experience, and I am likewise eager to explore just what God is up to in having our paths cross. We hope that he and his wife Lisa and Kirsten and I can get together soon to talk more. Again, we shall see…..

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