What I am is…….?

I’m sitting in the Richfield, OH library, blogging on my lunch break. Since early November I’ve been "temping," most of that time at Charles Schwab, where I am still working while continuing my job search for something full-time, permanent, sufficient for our family’s needs, and perhaps even meaningful. It has been a long, arduous, frustrating process. I’ve been on a number of interviews and several second interviews, and technically I’m still in the running for several positions. Of course, I feel a bit disempowered, not to mention humbled, by this process as I’ve considered returning to foodservice management or doing just about anything else that will be permanent and provide what we need. And yes- these days I do very much regret not finishing with an MDiv at Luther Seminary instead of my MA in the History of Christianity. Naturally, I’ve begun looking at further education that will, Lord willing, keep me from ever being in this position again. I’ve checked out an MA in Counseling program at Malone College, and also MA in Education at Baldwin-Wallace College. Both intrigue me and would result in Ohio licensure that would come close to guaranteeing work for me over the long-term and, dare I say, even a career. I still think too about going back and getting an MDiv, but that may not be very "practical" now.


Over this past weekend we were visited by our dear friends the Paris’ from MN, along with their twin boys. It was great to see them and good to talk in-depth about many of our struggles over the past year and longer, though it brought to the fore in my mind, heart, and spirit just how broken I remain as a result of all I and my family have been through. As I continue to lay down roots here in OH and make decisions about a career and what kind of a faith community to be a part of, I hope to experience the much-needed healing that this move was designed, in part, to bring about.

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