The long-term value of a good pastor

I spoke recently with Debbie Blue, on of our pastors in MN for five years, and I am very glad that I did. She is wonderfully encouraging and even a bit prophetic, and she "gets" the gospel. Moreover, she knows us and our story- all that we’ve been through and all that we have to offer, and is specifically very encouraging along those lines. She’s in the process of writing another book, this one about how Christians make an idol of the Bible (which I am very excited to read), and I think that it was in part my conversation with her that inspired me to begin more proactively pursuing the writing life myself. After speaking with her, I was also inspired to more intentionally pursue a sense of community among those relationships that we do have here.
Tomorrow I go for a third(!) interview at the Blick Clinic for a Home Director position. It’s one full-time job that may actually work for our family right now and would permit Kirsten to cut back her hours a bit. I’m also waiting to hear back about my interview for a half-time Christian Ed. Director position. It sort of feels like the direction of my life hangs in the balance a bit. We’ll see.

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