Gain(?)-fully Employed

Well, the near six months of waiting is over. Yesterday I accepted a full-time Home Director position at the Blick Clinic. I’ll be in charge of one of their group homes for developmentally disabled adults. It’s truly meaningfully work, and the work will challenge me to really use my gifts for leadership, organization, administration, and relationshp building, and so I am glad for it. It’s the kind of position in which it will be hard to ever really leave the "office," what with endless paperwork, being "on call" basically at all times and so getting midnight phone calls, etc. Still, I am very glad. The pay is just enough that Kirsten will be able to cut back her hours a bit in order to have one of us there to care for Samuel most of the time. Our family financial "bottom line" will probably end with a slight net loss, but in the whole I’m believing it will be worth it. After all this time, of course I feel very hopeful. New beginnings, and having your gifts recognized as you are called to use them, are a good thing.
With plans still in the works to start school again soon, along with my aspirations to write and to be fully immersed and invested in a faith community even as I strive to give my all to the joys of marriage and parenting, I will soon find myself incredibly busy again, as is my wont. I pray that I am able to focus on doing a few of those most important things well (while recognizing what the most important things are) and that I will find peace, purpose, and rest in the midst of what I hope is all this well-doing.

3 thoughts on “Gain(?)-fully Employed

  1. I don\’t understand this comment thing -might not be working for me.
    If it is, CONGRATULATIONS!  And keep up the daily writing -great stuff.
    Love, Jenell


  2. Thanks, Jenell. I sure appreciate the affirmation and encouragement. It means a lot to me. It kind of feels like everything is "coming together" now, but I\’ll write more about that in today\’s post….


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