It’s all good

As I was noting in my reply to Jenell’s recent comment,  I really feel like "everything is (finally) coming together," for me and for our family. As of Thursday I have a job that will challenge me and require me to use my gifts. It’s meaninful work that pays reasonably well enough- just well enough, in fact, that Kirsten can cut down her hours to be with Samuel, which is something she longed for and so is something I hoped to be able to give her someday. Of course, I will miss him terribly, but I will only work harder to love and raise him all the more effectively. Likewise, we have finally found what seems to be the kind of faith community that we, and I especially, have yearned to give ourselves to. Morevoer, it’s just forming, and so we have the privilege to have "ownership" of it from the beginning. There quite simply is nothing like, nothing better, than being the Church with like-minded disciples, which, I hope, is simply to say that we were made to exist as part of a community that together is being conformed to the image and likeness of Christ. Anyway, I am thrilled at all the possibilities. Speaking of community, we are also working at building it more intentionally with Karis and Tim, Kirsten’s sister and brother-in-law, so that we can better love and support one another. All of this is, very, very good.
And I am thankful.

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