The spirit-destroying decrees of common sense

We head out soon for our first "discovery gathering" with the folks of Sanctuary. I am very excited and hopeful, eager for this journey with them to begin. I don’t know where it will lead, but the wonder of discovery is part of what has me so keen about it all. At the very least I know that I was created to be part of Christ’s Body, the Church, a co-worker at building the kingdom of God. This need to be part of something larger than myself or my life was woven into my very DNA, and so on levels that I can’t even begin to fully appreciate or understand my whole self longs for this and exults in finding fulfillment for that which I was created for.
I’m reminded, then, of a passage from God in Search of Man which contains one of my favorite quotes. Heschel writes:
"Man cannot live without acts of exaltation, without moments of trembling and revering, without being transported by grandeur. For weeks and months he may be confined to the routine of sensibe interests, unitl an hour arrives when all his habits burst under the strain. Common sense may sign a decree that life be kept under the lock of average conceptions, but much in our lives is made to be burned up in a holy flame or it will rot in monstrous deeds, in evil thoughts. To satisfy his need for exaltation, man will plunge into rage, wage wars; he will set the city of Rome afire. When superimposes as a yoke, as a dogma, as a fear, religion tends to violate rather than to nurture the spirit of man. Religion must be an altar upon which the fire of the soul may be kindled in holiness."
I think I was definitely feeling confined in the way described above, and I am eager to exalt again.

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