Lee/Work/Building the Kingdom

Well, it turns out that what brought Lee back to the ER was a bad case of bronchitis, as I understand it, and she is now home again. The larger and ongoing health issues remain unaddressed at this point, though there are plans to tackle some of it on an outpatient basis. However, given her experience and the way the "system" works, how this will all play out very much remains to be seen.
Yesterday I started my new job. I’ll be training for a while, but it felt truly good to be given responsibility and to have meaninful work to do. I’m so thankful for this opportunity, and tonight perhaps I’ll try to write more about my experience so far.
We continue talking with the folks from Sanctuary, and that is good. We’ll probably be getting together for dinner with the Lead Pastor and his wife soon, which likewise will be good. I must admit though that it’s hard for me to bide my time- to be patient as we go through the process of getting to know one another and discovering how much commonality there is in our vision for what God is doing next, etc. We also are just starting the very important task of building rapport and friendship, and it will take a while for those folks to uncover what I already know, what I’ve already done, etc. I guess I feel a bit like a "po-mo" Church veteran, if that isn’t an oxymoron, having been working in very similar congregations for about a decade now. Still, I am exceedingly glad for this opportunity as well, as it is such a relief to be in contact again with like-minded Christians.

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