“You keep showing up. That’s good.”

My new supervisor’s supervisor asked me yesterday how things were going so far at work. Immediately after asking, she said, "You keep showing up. That’s good." I like that little exchange because I think it encapsulates much of what I’ve learned about life in my 30 years of living it. I think that in many cases just "showing up" is half the battle- as a new Home Coordinator, as a husband and father and a member of a church community, as a son and son-in-law, and especially as a disciple of Jesus. Being present and attending to the moments of my life is vital to being the person God wants me to be, though it is very, very hard, and often my instinct is to do just the opposite- to run away with my pain and no longer risk being hurt again, which means not having real relationships anymore. I’m in just such a situation now. It is one in which I am consistently misunderstood, hurt, and in which there is great potential for very important boundaries to be cast all to hell (as I see it). So, while working to subtly enforce those boundaries (and protect my family in relation to them) I must also swallow my pride, if not my pain, and keep showing up, knowing there is risk in doing so. I must and will do so because my Lord commands it- mostly through his example, and I know that I, as his servant, am no greater than he.

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