Long day ahead…

Sadly this will be a quickie. I have at least at 12 hour day in front of me at work. I’m still kind of working to wrap my mind, not to mention my schedule, around all that is expected of me in this role I’ve taken on. It remains daunting at this point. Aside from the madness-inducing amount of paperwork I’m responsible for, staff and client schedules to manage, and the facility upkeep I’m to coordinate, I’m also dealing with the person that I’ve replaced, who was transferred to a like position at another house. He was forced to transfer for a variety of reasons, and he’s struggled to let go, such that my relationship with him is complicated at best already, and he is still in touch with his former/my current staff, etc. It’s simply very messy and not as it should be. I’m putting in a lot of crazy hours this week, and this is probably how it will be.
"Be careful what you ask for."
I will say, however, that I remain thrilled to now be living, working, and worshipping in the same community. This is something of a dream that I never really thought I’d realize.
Speaking of worship, we went to our first leadership team meeting for Sanctuary on Sunday, which I may write more about later…..

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