Out of gas/Out of time?

This evening turned out to be a little more interesting than I had hoped. After a busy day at work with three IEP meetings and one MFE Consent meeting, including traveling back and forth between the buildings I’m responsible for, I rushed back toward the Akron area around 4:30. After a couple of stops along the way, I made it up to Hudson to get Samuel at daycare around 5:45 or so. My low fuel light had come on while driving from Canton, and I didn’t exactly ignore it (so you can see where this is going), but as it turns out I also didn’t give it the attention it so clearly demanded and deserved, at least in hindsight. So, sure enough, as soon as Samuel and I got back on Route 8 to head back down to Cuyahoga Falls, I ran out of gas. It took roadside assistance about 45 minutes to get to us, by which time both Samuel and I were a little cold and the little guy was one very unhappy camper. Fortunately, Samuel’s distress and Dad’s sudden low approval ratings were nothing that a rare stop for a chicken nugget meal from Wendy’s couldn’t cure.
In other news, my fifty-year-old brother in Texas seems to be doing his best to join the "dearly departed" sooner rather than later. He suffers from Polycystic Kidneys, the fatal, common, and underpublicized disease that killed his mother, my Dad’s first wife. Gary is reticent to have much to do with doctors; he refers to them as "practicing medicine" and doesn’t want to be "practiced" on. So, for whatever reason, he allowed his disease to progress without medical attention to the point that he was literally on the verge of death the other day when he finally consented to 911 being called. He’s in the hospital now enjoying many rounds of dialysis in just the past few days. He will need to continue with frequent dialysis until he gets a kidney transplant- or dies.
Being myself, this all raises a host of questions for me, which I will try to delve into a bit in a later post. In the meantime, I find (strange?) comfort in the words and music of U2, which in the car today brought me nearly to tears, as is so often the case. I leave you with their ode to Judas during the last supper and in Gethsemane, "Until the End of the World:"
Haven’t seen you in quite a while
I was down the hold, just passing time.
Last time we met it was a low-lit room
We were as close together as a bride and groom.
We ate the food, we drank the wine
Everybody having a good time except you.
You were talking about the end of the world.

I took the money, I spiked your drink
You miss too much these days if you stop to think.
You led me on with those innocent eyes
And you know I love the element of surprise.
In the garden I was playing the tart
I kissed your lips and broke your heart.
You, you were acting like it was the end of the world.

In my dream, I was drowning my sorrows
But my sorrows they’d learned to swim
Surrounding me, going down on me
Spilling over the brim
Waves of regret and waves of joy.
I reached out for the one I tried to destroy.
You, you said you’d wait till the end of the world.

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