No, no, no…I’m completely employable. Trust me…

 I was talking with friends last night and alluded to the number of jobs I’ve had. I guessed it was about 30, and after struggling this morning to remember them all in my 16 years of life as a worker so far, here is the list I came up with, in order and with little comment (from me, anyway). For those who will inevitably question my having an average of two jobs for every year I’ve worked, I can say that I do think I’ve found a niche (though not necessarily my niche) in my current job, and I hope to be at it for a good long while… 

      1. Albertson’s- TX (grocery store bagger)
      2. Jon’s Donuts- TX
      3. Kmart- TX (stock guy, my friend Chris worked there)
      4. Pizzeria Uno- TX (line cook)
      5. Dairy Queen- TX (shift manager)
      6. Six Flags over Texas- foodservice (one day; my friend Chris worked there)
      7. Radio Shack- TX (my friend Chris worked there)
      8. D/FW Airport (security screener)- while working for Radio Shack
      9. Radio Shack in MA
      10. Radisson Plaza Hotel in Ft. Worth (where JFK stayed before being shot; my friends Chris, Jeff, and Scotty worked there)- room service, then waiter
      11. Sylvan Street Grille in MA- waiter
      12. Gordon College- Pizza Shop, Cleaning Services, Security
      13. Warner Brothers Studio Store- MA
      14. Red Lobster- TX (waiter)
      15. Musicland- TX (while working at Red Lobster)
      16. Sunday River Ski Resort- Maine (I was hired but they never called me back after my drug test, which kind of makes me wonder…)
      17. Campisi’s- TX (pizza delivery)
      18. Spaghetti Warehouse- TX (waiter)
      19. Pizza Hut- Philly (shift manager)
      20. Super Fresh- Philly (overnight stock guy for two weeks while working at Pizza Hut full-time)
      21. Coffee World- Philly (assistant manager, then Store Manager)
      22. Bruegger’s Bagel Bakery- Philly (assistant manager)
      23. Bruegger’s Bagel Bakery- MN (assistant manager)
      24. St. Joseph’s Home for Children (Youth Counselor)
      25. Luther Seminary- mail room
      26. Pinnacle Services- MN (habilitation counselor- while in seminary and working at St. Joe’s)
      27. Children’s Choice- Philly (Home Study Worker)
      28. Bethanna- Philly (Kinship Social Worker)
      29. United Communities SE Philadelphia (Case Manager, Mentoring Program)
      30. Adecco- Akron (various Temp. jobs):
        1. Rexel (Electrical Company- office temp.)
        2. Charles Schwab (office temp.- Retirement Services)
      31. Blick Clinic- Akron (Group Home Manager)
      32. Summit Academy- Akron (IEP Coordinator)

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