I’m Available (Well, not like THAT)….or….Join me in welcoming what Kirsten affectionately refers to as “Vacation Robert”

As of 9pm last night I’m on Spring Break. I’m not in college anymore, and I’m sure not in grade school, but working in a school has at least a few significant "perks," and this is one of them. I don’t go back to work until, ironically, Tax Day, which this year is April 16. So, let us begin said "vacation" with a few "top 5" lists, a la John Cusack in several of his more memorable films.
Top 5 Things I hope to do over the next week-and-a-couple-days, in no particular order:
  1. Read at least 2, no make that 3, books.
  2. Catalogue my books to make them available to others who want to borrow/have them.
  3. In the spirit of #2- "simplify" my life as much as possible, by ridding myself of various material possessions that weigh me down, hold me back, and generally keep me from following Jesus as well as I might. This "purge" (not "Surge") will include, to start: a tv, dvd player, various assorted cds, books, and other media, etc. Perhaps the most important part of this will occur at midnight tomorrow, when our satellite-powered TV’s throughout the house go dark. We’ll keep one TV (the other two belong to Kirsten’s mom) and will still watch what we can on "regular TV," at least until the government mandated and FCC enforced "forced obsolescence" takes effect in approximately 2 years, but the hope obviously is that we will be free to read more, be outside more, build community more, spend meaningful time together as a family more, etc.
  4. Following #2 and #3, I hope to make it down to South St. Ministries at least once in the next week or so, in part to give away some of the stuff listed above, but perhaps also to help out, volunteer, etc.
  5. I have 9 batting cage tokens for the Recreation facility up the street left over from last year, and, weather permitting (the cold and snow returned just in time for my alleged "Spring" break), I hope to use them all.

The above list contains things I can mostly do on my own, but the title of this post says I’m available for the next 11 days; so this list contains things I’d love to do with others:

  1. Have breakfast/lunch/dinner with friend(s). Historically, I’m big on going out for breakfast, but hey- any meal will do. So call me up!
  2. See a movie! It’s been a while, and I know there are at least a couple at the dollar theatre that I’m interested in (Letters from Iwo Jima, and The Pursuit of Happyness).
  3. Related to #1 (particularly the "lunch" category), I’d like to help folks observe the little-known "Take Your (Robert) To Work Day." For some of my new friends (you know who you are), this could work well. I’d show up a little before lunch-time, you could show me around your cubicle, clinic, whatever, and then we could go grab a bite to eat. This will go a long way towards de-mystifying the professions of some of you, who, for all I could know, could really be super-secret Soviet spies, operating under such a deep cover that the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union sounds like so much disinformation and American propaganda. Of course, there’s that pesky little bit about not having heard from your contact in such a long time, but that just makes your cover all the more effective. In any case, perhaps showing me around your workplace and having lunch will help to bring you up to speed, so to speak.
  4. Exercise! I had the distinct privilege of playing ultimate frisbee last Friday for close to 2 hours. At several points I wondered if my own personal end was near, but even so, it felt good to run and play and play the foil for my friends’ dreams of athletic conquest. At this point, if you’re in better shape than I am, which is likely, I’m pretty good for getting "poster-ized" by you. Of course, my favorite sport to play is still basketball; so if you’re willing, let’s go! I’ll happily be the Patrick Ewing to your spectacular MJ (I’m a big Jordan fan and hoops junkie, well- relatively speaking. Anyway, I just watched the clip that is linked in the line above, and with the slow-mo, the music, the ballet-like quality of MJ’s unbelievable athleticism and fearless play- well, I was nearly moved to tears, seriously), though I’d be willing to try raquetball, cricket, croquet, anything.
  5. Related to #4 from the first list above, I’d like to get out there and serve somebody, be it via a Habitat project, hanging out at South St. Ministries, whatever.

Well, if the above doesn’t make it clear, I’m available and willing for just about anything that involves spending time with friends new and old. So let’s hang out….

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