Jesus Takes Up His Cross- DART Stations of the Cross Submission

I wrote the following and submitted it for Church in the Cliff‘s DART Stations of the Cross. I don’t know if they’ll use it or not, but I thought I’d share. It’s meant for “Station 2- Jesus takes up his cross.” Here it is:

Jesus takes up his cross, and bids us do the same. A stranger in his own land, we too are foreign to those who bend the knee to the state, market, party, or even their own voices and vices. Accused by the powers of a crime he didn’t commit, we who would follow him are accused also- of too much orthodoxy or too little, too many good works and often not enough, too much activism yet too little impact. He picks up the instrument of his own death: not a trinket, not a bauble, not a point of contention regarding its symbolic meaning, but a syringe full of poison, a hangman’s noose, the electric chair he’ll strap himself into. He knows what his fate will be, and embraces it, knowing it is the only way to save us- not from him, but from ourselves, from our own merciless self-condemnation.

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