Armed…and (Very, Very) Dangerous




So I found myself in yet another lovely “discussion” via Facebook with someone from my youth about gun control. As this is timely and relevant, I share it, for what it’s worth, below:

If you don’t agree Im not sorry. Your just a dumb ass. Yes i really mean it. If you don’t like it Just unfriend me. If guns are grabed from our free hands you will be screaming for help one day because you can’t defend you or your family. If you really think its safer without guns go to a country where this has happened and see how u like it. Please don’t vote for something You have no knowledge about. If u like it please do all America a favor and keep your ass there where ever that is. Please don’t come back to this country. U are an idoit!!!! Sorry if you don’t agree with my thoughts and views. I am proud to say i have grown up with firearms all my life. I was taught firearm safety from my dad and my uncle. I am proud to say i have passed on the same safety and respect to firearms to my daughters and wife. I have to brag on Taylor her first deer she shot was at 165 yards. That comes with lots of practice and displine. Mattie’s deer is coming. They have been shooting firearms since they were 6 yrs old. If you are a true American and you are ignorant about gun or maybe your scared just educate or go to someone who can teach you about firearms and safety. Then I believe you might have an educated thought on the gun ban.

By Jan Morgan, Jan Morgan Media It is interesting to note that most people who want us to be unarmed in America, are either armed, have armed bodyguards, or work and live in environments surround
  • Robert Buck I’m sure this is very patriotic (according to one version of “patriotism”), it’s just not very wise, thoughtful, historically accurate, or- I would argue- “Christian,” but if you really want me to unfriend you, so be it.
  • Patrick Bovea Robert I have no intentions of un friending you at all !!!! I would simply ask you to move to one of the countries that have banned guns to the people and live your life as you do now. I don’t think it would be as your used to now certainly not as safe. This country would be of your choosing of course then when a criminal comes into your house you can call their version of the police (yeah the ones with no guns) because people like you were scared, ignorant and mis informed about guns and voted them out of the hands of the people. Yes I’m very patriotic!!!!! I haven’t served my country during peace time or war time but I do serve my city and community in the same manner as they (military) do everyday. You see some people have to have balls in life’s and they put there life on the line everyday and night for the same mis informed ignorant people who have no clue what freedom is or what it takes to keep. I am certain that your freedom you have now would not be possible if not for firearms. FACT JACK!!!!!!! I am a Christian!!!! I believe what the Bible says. I LOVE JESUS!!!!!! Robert I am going to go out on a limb here and say that you are the only person that I personally know that has such a warped since of reality. You must be living in Utopia or something and that’s not the City of Utopia in Texas my friend. I am sure there are others out in FB land who would like to ask you important questions about how you think and why? Questions for you to answer: When you were in ur adolescents did u grow up around firearms and did you have a traumatic incident occur that involved a firearm? Have you ever shot a firearm? Have you ever owned a firearm. Have you ever been in a place where you felt unsafe and gave second thoughts about turning around and going back home? Have you ever bought Hunting license? Have you shot deer or wild game that you cleaned and preserved for your family to eat at the dinner table? Have you ever lived your life as a person who has had to depend on a firearm to defend this country and what we stand for? Have you ever lived your life as a police officer and had to depend on a firearm to protect your life or the innocent life’s that you serve everyday? Last question!!!!! Could u Please spell out to me in more than just a small sentence referring to one version of “patriotism” or not being very wise, thoughtful , historically accurate or oh my goodness you argue ” Christian”. Please open up a bit and let’s see how you feel after all I think you can see how important I feel about the whole matter. I can assure you that there are more people reading this than they are liking or commenting who would like to see how and why you think the way you do. Thank you
  • Robert Buck I could share, but why would anyone want to hear from a dumbass? Do you actually remember much about me?
  • Patrick Bovea Please share!!!! Well in my line of work I listen to all kinds form all parts. I enjoy listening to dumbass!!!! I am a good listener. Yes sir I do remember you well. You were very smart in school you seemed pretty happy. I can’t say I know you because we never spent anytime together outside of school so therefore I wouldn’t know much about you. Please continue
  • JoeBob Whitaker I think people need to stand up for there convictions and if they are really right show how right they are……and support there convictions by posting yard signs in there yard stating how they feel about gun control . I am not scared of the sign I would but in my yard for all to read……..would you!
  • Terry Bartee Excuse me Pat..I’m behind you with more percentage points than exist on this issue but I have a few words to share with this fool. Mr. Buck, I don’t know you from Adam..can’t even say I ever recall seeing your name anywhere but I’ll tell you this..after serving in ‘Nam I’ve been put in 2 situations where I was damned glad I carried a pistol. I wouldn’t have hesitated to use it in those 2 cases if the threat hadn’t been quelled. Mr. Buck, you have already said enough here to show your ignorance on the issue. Remember this..It’s always better to be THOUGHT a fool than to open your mouth and remove ALL doubt!! You really need to research what happened in Austria & Germany before you try to take MY guns…you won’t like the education in either case. Don’t expect me to defend you with my guns just because you are stupid enough not to arm yourself. JEEZ..I think I’m wasting my time on a Democrat…
  • Robert Buck Well, where to begin? No answer could possibly be exhaustive, but I’d like to point out a few things. First, I brought up the “dumbass” point because you engaged in a preemptive strike against anyone who disagreed with you by calling them all dumbasses before they had a chance to disagree, which only begs the question: are you genuinely interested in any kind of serious discussion about this? I think not. On the off chance that you actually believe you do want to hear a thoughtful consideration of the matter that runs counter to your own, I wonder about your experience using this tactic of “preemptive strikes.” Do you find that effective in encouraging meaningful dialogue? I’m glad you remember my intelligence, Pat, though I wasn’t in the least bit happy.
  • Robert Buck So, on to a few meaningful points: 1) There is no constitutional guarantee of an individual’s right to bear arms. The clause speaks in reference to a “well-regulated militia.” I like the well-regulated part as a common sense approach to firearms, and I have to ask: which militia do you and your friends belong to?
  • Robert Buck For more on point 1 above, this is interesting:

    The right to bear arms shouldn’t be exempt from commonsense compromises
  • Robert Buck 2) Armed “good guys” actually don’t seem to be all that effective at stopping armed “bad guys.” For more, go here:

    Mass shootings in the US are on the rise—and ordinary citizens with guns don’t stop them.
  • Robert Buck 3) If you subscribe to the (likely false) notion that the second amendment was meant to enable us to defend ourselves from our own government, and also think that criminals will always have the latest, most potent weapons

     (therefore you should too), how does it not also stand to reason that the government will also have the latest, most potent weapons, but in numbers and by orders of magnitude far greater than anything you and your armed friends could ever hope to possess? I haven’t been so arrogant, prideful, or (dare I say) foolish as to call anyone else a fool or dumbass, but I will assert that it seems to me that only a fool would ever believe that the government would allow you to be better armed than they are; likewise, unless your local gun shop is going to sell you tanks and nukes, I doubt “the people” could overthrow an oppressive U.S. government (violently).
  • Robert Buck There’s much, much more to be said, but I’ll leave it at this. Most importantly, I do not believe that the Prince of Peace calls us to such a violent life. He could have started an armed insurrection against the oppressive, occupying government of his day, and in fact many of his followers urged him to and believed that he would, but he most clearly did not (although he was likely executed in part because of just such a possibility). No, Jesus calls us down a different path.
  • Patrick Bovea Well I won’t waste my time reading anything written by liberals. As for the questions that i have asked you to answer I didn’t really think you would answer them, but you choose instead to avoid them with links to liberal websites. No problem Robert we will agree to disagree. God Bless you and America and have good day.
  • Robert Buck I wish the world were as black and white as you seem to think it is. Your unwillingness to even hear a point of view different from your own is telling, and very, very frightening. Goodbye…
  • Patrick Bovea Your wrong Robert i am willing to hear u and this is a great time for you to answer the questions I have placed before you. The floor is yours Robert! Good day…
Robert Buck

That’s just not true. Much of what I would say is contained in the links, which you won’t bother to read. Moreover, I’ve thus far declined to answer your “questions” because I know what their purpose is. They’re more like rhetorical boxes you’d like to see me trap myself in. In any case, I don’t believe them to be intended to increase our mutual understanding. I may yet hazard an answer to them, but perhaps with the condition that you agree to answer some of my own. That said, I actually did answer your last, and most important, question, but to no avail.
Collin Croft I 1000% agree with Pat. Robert, you can’t reference history with only a portion of facts. Every single one of the Bill of Rights (yes all 10 not just the 2nd) were written in order for the states to ratify the Constitution. The Constitution itself was a framework of our federal government with no protections to “The People” until the 10 amendments were added. They were added because “The People” demanded it. Everyone of those rights were taken from the Colonials by the British. They lived in the tyranny without those protections. You need to study the Siege of Boston by General Gage prior to the Revolutionary War. General Gage seized the firearms of the citizens of Boston and they were left defenseless to his tyranny of soldiers raping our women and children, convictions on behalf of the king with out a trial, over taxation, churches were closed, businesses were seized and many more of the “Intolerable Acts”. This happened in other areas of the Colonies as well. And When General Gage decided to go outside of Boston and begin taking firearms he went to Concord and Lexington. And “The People” said they had had enough and that is what let to the war starting. In the Colonial days, there were no police, sheriffs, national guard, army to defend those who couldn’t defend themselves. In fact every able bodied man was required to possess a firearm to be called as a militiaman to defend his fellow man woman, and child. After World War II historians discovered both Japan and Germany decided they could not invade the mainland USA because the citizens were armed. After the fall of the Soviet Union it was determined that they lacked the plans to invade the mainland US for the same reason, “The People” were armed. You need to put yourself in the mindset of the Colonials and realize what freedoms they went with out that your lazy ass takes for granted because people like Pat and I make sure you can sleep at night in a cozy warm bed. The Supreme Court (even with a majority of liberal judges) has recently affirmed that the 2nd Amendment does allow an “Individual” to possess a firearm. If you wanted to argue that it applies only to a well regulated militia, then that in of itself would fall on a State to determine not the Federal government (read the 10th Amendment). The 2nd. Amendment was written to allow states to maintain an armed force for the militia, individuals the right to protect themselves, individuals the right to provide for their families by hunting, and most importantly it was established as the ultimate checks and balance so the government would always be subject to “The People”. Even after the Civil War, they did not take guns from citizens. Robert you need to really read your history before you start foolishly quoting what you know nothing about. There are over 190 million gun owners in this country who have never committed a crime. Pat and I are part of that 190 million, we stand ready to defend our wives, our children, our fellow citizens, and our country if ever any tyrants ever so stupidly choose to tread on any one of them or our other freedoms. Pat and I both have stared down the barrel of a gun from some evil bastard over time to protect people like you. Sleep good tonight Robert and know that real men and women “Have the Watch”.
Robert Buck You people amaze me.How do you presume to know what I know or don’t know, what I’ve studied or not studied. Do you think Pat wasn’t invoking his selective understanding of history, and that you haven’t just done the same thing? I know “some people” look with disdain on advanced degrees, but I didn’t get mine by sleeping through my classes. That’s really beside the point, though. Having done my due (historical) diligence, I’ve simply come to different conclusions than you have. If you have done all the studying you seem to profess, then you know that (historically) the facts aren’t really “the facts,” after all, in part because “all reading is interpretation,” but that too is another matter. I continue to be amazed at the arrogance of you and folks like you. I wonder, what takes more courage- to face your fear and try to be a responsible husband, father, citizen, and most importantly, Christ-follower, with a weapon tucked under your pillow- or to do so with only the force of your convictions, including the conviction that killing- and all violence- is sinful, not to mention counterproductive?
Collin Croft Robert you tout  your education as the basis for your thinking and come across as arrogant. For your information, I probably have more college than you. So be careful going down that avenue with me, because I assure you, you will lose. I didn’t get mine sleeping in class either. In fact I earned all of my college while taking night classes often working 2 jobs and serving in the military for going on 21 years now. I am a Christian, I am a husband, I am a father, I am a Veteran still serving on active duty. I love the Constitution because I swore to DEFEND it and “The People” with my life if needed. I will stand up for every bit of it. You walked into a hornets nest. Man you need to read your history and your Bible- Joshua held hammer and sword when building the walls around Jerusalem. There is evil in this world Robert and you are still a boy mentally and haven’t realized the world we live in. You should be thankful that there are men and women like Pat and I that give you the freedom of speech to say all of your misinformed stupidity. You take freedom for granted while others stand ready to protect it. People are killed every year by knives, rocks, sticks, clubs, cars, cigarettes, drugs, junk food, and no one is jumping on a band wagon to ban those. Robert there is more of a man in the last digit of mine and Pat’s trigger finger than your entire body. Pat and I chose a life of defending those who couldn’t defend themselves. Don’t ever criticize that because you will never be pointing your insults at only one.
Robert Buck Sorry, still confused. I’m the arrogant one? I only mentioned education, in passing, because of your know-it-all tone. Another minor question- where is God in all this?
Robert Buck And I don’t think I’ve been very insulting, if at all, but I am simply amazed at how much you all have been.
Patrick Bovea Very nicely put Collin. Well Robert I’m not surprised you haven’t answered the questions and that’s ok. You are scared. But you don’t have to be. Buy a gun and carry it. Educate yourself and family on how to safely handle and use it. Just because your scared of guns don’t jump on the Back of Obama and stomp on the graves of the innocent people killed by a crazy person to further your crazy insane agenda. You speak like you may support a regime like Castro or Chavez. You are the kind of person who would love to live off the government and rely on them to take care of you because your scared to do it your self. You have brain washed yourself into thinking that if you take guns away from law abiding citizens you will be safe from all bad people. It would make more sense that you would want to take guns away from criminals? Robert you strike me to be the kind of person that would spit on a service person because you don’t think it’s Christian to kill someone. You haven’t answered any of the questions I have asked. I have a couple more for you. Lets just say you had a firearm at your disposal. Are you the kind of “man” that would stand by and watch your wife be raped by a criminal because you don’t think its Christ like to kill or would you use that gun? Suppose a crazy person was holding a gun to your child’s head and this crazy person said to you shoot me or I’m going to kill your child? What would you choose? Let’s just that the victims in this case aren’t your family but a neighbor. If your neighbor was being assaulted to the point where if you didn’t shoot to kill your neighbor would die. Would you stand there and watch because You don’t believe in killing and its not Christ like? Maybe these questions you could answer? If you could answer these questions it would help me kind of see what kind of “man” you really are.
Collin Croft Robert if you have to ask, your criticism of our Constitution & our basic freedoms, your incomplete reference to our national history, disregard for common sense, arrogance, insulting gun owners as non-Christian & bad husbands & bad fathers & non- patriotic, ignorance about true crime statistics, and not to mention you are insulting my best friend Pat that I have known since I was 8 years old gives me reason to challenge you with the polite exchange of words that I find rather entertaining. It is obvious you are narrow minded in your thinking. You ask where God is in all of this. Lets look at the recent school shooting in Connecticut. It was very tragic, and I by no means what to underscore that, But liberals as yourself took God out of School in the 60’s when you banned prayer in school. Liberals as yourself thought it was ok to have 50 million abortions in this country since 1973. Liberals as yourself want to do away with most of the freedoms afforded in our Constitution. Liberals as yourself want to gut our military, strip our police, fire, EMS, and schools of the resources they need and rather give out handouts to people who choose not to work. There are obviously elderly, disabled, and others who can’t work for various reasons and we should help those people, but there is a large majority of people collecting the liberal handouts that are physically able to work or who are criminals and illegal immigrants. Liberals as yourself wan to take guns from law abiding citizens (190 million of which) who haven’t committed any crimes. Other than those few things, you haven’t insulted me much. It is not like we are neighbors or anything and people are making loud noises waking me up while they break into your house and come after your family. Because you being an unarmed man could certainly take care of yourself and your family with a sock puppet or something. Because that wouldn’t bother me because my family would be protected and I would go back to sleep.
Robert Buck Take a breath, and try again.


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