On the first day of 2015, the year I turn 40, here are my resolutions, some of which may sound predictably familiar:

  1. Daily habits:
    1. It’s trite but for a reason- I will develop and maintain a habit of morning, noon, and evening prayer, the “divine office,” using Common Prayer.
    2. I will walk- initially and no doubt for quite some time considering my various injuries and laziness over the past couple of years- at least 1 mile every single day in 2015. Eventually that 1 mile walk will be a run, and eventually it will be more than 1 mile.
  2. I will write/blog weekly.
  3. I became a vegetarian four years ago today. I’ve been wavering about whether to make a change this year, going possibly in either direction. I could finally go “all the way” and become vegan (yes, I know, “whole food, plant based diet” is probably what I mean here), or I could go the other way and become pescetarian and start enjoying fish again. My kids like fish; I have friends who do; I was always a big lobster and shrimp fan. I could see myself enjoying those foods again, as soon as possible. Part of me even thinks maybe I “deserve” such an indulgence, given what a hard year 2014 was, especially even very recently. Still, I want to move forward, not backward, and though I indulge myself frequently (often with sweets, among other things), it’s always with guilt and shame, never because I really want to. Thus, with some reluctance I will make every effort from this point forward to eat a strictly plant based diet. Bye cheese; I’ll miss you.
  4. I used the word “diet” just now, and it’s back (my diet, that is). My Spark People app, which I’ve probably also had for four years, is fired up and ready to go. Goodbye, sweets; hello, 1700 calories or less every day. Eating only plants (and no sweets) should be helpful in this regard. Thus, I’ll be counting calories every day, for the foreseeable future. I probably should have included this under “daily habits” above.
  5. I plan to read at least 12 books in 2015, at least one per month, hopefully many more, though. With no “church” (i.e., “congregational”) commitments presently, there should be more space in my life for this.

There’s much more, no doubt, in store, but this is probably a good start.

Hello, 2015. I pray I like you better than 2014.

2 thoughts on “2015

  1. Yeah, like most people, I guess, my resolutions so far have been crap. I described that “stuck” place we’re in in my response to your other comment, Tim, and that has exacted a price on my ability/willingness to work at these goals too, I’m afraid. Perhaps the back half of 2015 will be more promising.


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