Running Changes Lives, but If You’ve Come Here to Save Me, Don’t Bother.

As always, there’s so much to say, and so little time to say it. Here’s the short version. Having been amazingly blessed to be part of launching Back On My Feet in Dallas when we lived there briefly as my Dad was dying, I always hoped it or something like it would come here (whether my “here” was NE Ohio or the Twin Cities). Well, “something like it” has. Quite serendipitiously, perhaps even providentially, just as I’m losing weight and starting to run again, I discover another amazing running community that is building community between those experiencing homelessness and those that aren’t. Thus, I’m proud to be “fundracing” for them in my first race in 4 years, the upcoming Torchlight5k. Here’s my first post from my fundracing page:

Running changes lives. I should know.

It’s helped me lose over 150 pounds (total; hopefully the third time’s the charm), and I’ve been privileged to be part of several amazing running communities. Mile In My Shoes is one such community. Mile In My Shoes builds community between people experiencing homelessness and those who aren’t, using running as a vehicle to change the lives of all participants. To help Mile In My Shoes accomplish their mission, I’m running the Torchlight 5k. It’ll be my first race in about four years as I’ve battled back from a meniscus tear and a couple of broken toes and am struggling to get my weight back down. Sponsor me in the race and the funds go to Mile In My Shoes. Thanks for your support!

And then I just posted this, this morning:

If You’ve Come Here to Save Me, Don’t Bother.

Yesterday we stopped by Mill City Running and I picked up a Mile In My Shoes shirt. Every purchase helps fund gear for people experiencing homelessness who participate in the program. Later, while walking around the Stone Arch Bridge Festival, I saw someone wearing a slightly different Mile In My Shoes shirt that indicated he was an alum of the program. It was a little moment of serendipity that affirmed my desire to support, and, as much as I can, be a part of this community. Won’t you help me help them, and be helped myself in the process? I’m reminded, as I often am, of the saying that I first heard Duane Crabbs repeat, which went something like: “If you’ve come here to save me, don’t bother. But if you’ve come here because you understand that your salvation is wrapped up in mine, then let us labor together.” Let’s get to work.

If you can help out, I and the folks I hope to serve/with would appreciate it. Here’s the link to donate.

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