This is another cross post from my Fundracing page, and was also sent in an email to supporters.

I wanted to say thank you. According to my Fitbit I ran the 3.12 miles of the Torchlight 5k last night in about 35:15, for an 11 minute and 18 second pace (per mile). It’s not my best time, but I’m glad to be on the mend and able to run at all. So, to the 17 people who contributed a total of $435, I and the people experiencing homelessness I run with through Mile In My Shoes are deeply grateful. To the many more I hope who thought of me or prayed or sent good vibes my way as I ran under an excessive heat warning last night (due to a 90 degree temp. with 63% humidity), I am also deeply grateful. This was my first race in 4 years, and my first 5k in even longer. I’m very grateful that my knee held up and I finished. I still have a long way to go and some more weight to lose, but this was a milestone, and I’m grateful for your support.

This morning we had a Mile In My Shoes team meeting and talked about what’s next. Some resident members are planning for longer distances in upcoming races. Some will do relays; others will do a 10 mile race and still others will run half marathons and even marathons. One guy (a resident member/someone experiencing homelessness) I spoke to this morning is approaching running a longer race with the same bold commitment that helped him join MiMS in the first place. He knows he needs a big goal to help him stay motivated, and that’s something I can relate to.

I guess that relating is a big part of what MiMS is all about. I’ve known for a while that I’ll never advocate for change regarding any issue- so long as it remains just an “issue” or cause to me- nearly as passionately as I will if the “issue” ceases being an issue and instead is the lived experience of someone I have a relationship with. Thanks to MiMS and the opportunity it affords to know and spend time with folks I never would otherwise, I’ll never think of homelessness the same way again. My perception has been changed. Perhaps my life has too. And maybe even the people experiencing homelessness that I’m privileged to relate to regularly are finding their perceptions and lives changed too. If so, you had a part in that through your support of me as I ran this race for MiMS.


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