Centered, Not Bounded (A Disclaimer)

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This is a little disclaimer about what you’ll see on this site. I’ve come to appreciate the distinction between bounded and centered sets. This language comes from the world of math, but it’s increasingly being used to talk about the church. If the church is a bounded set, it is defined by the boundary at its edge that marks some as “in” and others as “out.” That boundary might be made up of beliefs, doctrines, or practices for example, but it is fixed and clearly delineates insiders from outsiders. If, instead, the church is a centered set, it’s defined by its center. That center of course is Jesus, and so what matters isn’t whether or not you find yourself on the edge, what matters is your orientation- that you’re pointed toward Jesus and moving in his direction. For my part, this is how I see things. I mention it because you’ll notice this blog started decades ago, and thus represents snapshots of my thinking over time. I hope and pray that you’ll see me slowly but surely moving toward Jesus over time. No doubt much of my thinking will have changed. There are some things about which I look back and see that I was absolutely wrong, and you’ll find posts here in which you see my beliefs about those things change- thank God! Jesus keeps drawing me nearer to him and others, and I pray I’ll keep moving in his direction.